Corrigé Phraseo 6

Texte complété de la séquence 6

Texte complété de la séquence 6
1. F-SF, taxi holding point runway 20, wind 180 degrees, 15 knots, QNH 1020, squawk 7032
2. Jersey Approach, good morning, this is Mooney F-GPHF with the information Tango.  F-GPHF Jersey Approach, good morning, squawk 3632.
3. G-FN  final full stop 25.  FN thank you, continue approach number 2.  The wind is currently 260 degrees 15 knots.
4.  G-VG report the field in sight for right base 26.  The QFE is 1015.  1015, right base for 26 and we’re visual with the field now G-VG.
5. Modernair 887 going around.  Modernair 887 roger climb straight ahead to altitude 2000 feet.
6. Goodwood G-BSVG.  BSVG Goodwood Information, pass your message.
7. G-CG Risborough to rejoin.  G-CG join overhead.  Runway 25, right circuit, the QFE 1008, there are 4 in the circuit.
8. Wycombe Tower G-LAST.  Aircraft calling Wycombe Tower just say again your callsign, please, pass your message.
9. Wycombe Tower G-VM downwind and it will be a full stop this time.  VM thank you, report final, number 3 you’re following a 152 on base leg.  OK I’ll look out for it, thank you.
10.  ATIS:
This is Jersey information India at time 1520
Runway in use 09
Surface wind 130 degrees 7 knots
Visibility 6 kilometres
Cloud broken at 2000 feet
Temperature 14 dewpoint 11
QNH 1013 hectopascals QFE 1003 hectopascals
No significant change
Airfield information 09 ILS out of service
Pilots can expect an NDB/DME approach
Advise ATC that you have copied information India and advise aircraft type on first contact