Corrigé Phraseo 4

Texte complété de la séquence 4

1. F-GSZB, Jersey Tower, report final 09, surface wind is 130 degrees 8 knots.
2. G-RS report passing north abeam Wycombe Air Park.  The QNH is 1026.  Just confirm your altitude, please, on that setting.
3. Bournemouth Ground G-BSVG on the western apron with Information Uniform.  Request taxi.
4. G-MACK Luton Ground hold Bravo 2.  After an outbound Boeing 757 left to right follow the marshaller to stand 51.
5. G-TN cleared to land surface wind 220 degrees 7 knots.
6. G-CL is departing to the north, 1027.  G-CL, roger, report when you leave the frequency.
7. G-MOJE traffic 1 o’clock 7 miles crossing left to right indicating 1000 feet above.  If not sighted turn left heading 320 degrees..
8.N7JB, enter the aerodrome traffic zone not below 2000 feet.  Give way to any gliders.  The QNH 1027.  Report in the overhead.
9. Cleared to leave the zone to the south-east.  Not above 2000 VFR and hold position GVG.
10. ATIS:
Cambridge arrival and departure information Tango at time 0750
Runway in use 23
Surface wind variable 1 knot
Visibility 8 kilometres shallow fog
Clouds few at 1900 feet
Temperature 5 dewpoint 4
QNH 1004 hectopascals, aerodrome QFE 1002 hectopascals
On first contact with Cambridge report information Tango received